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EAACI 2024 is heading our way! Join us!


Come and discover the bright future of allergy testing – Flow CAST®. The only IVDR standardized Basophil Activation Test is here, now!

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology meeting (EAACI) is taking place in Valencia, from May 31st to June 3rd.

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BÜHLMANN Highlights

Analytical and Stability Validation Studies for Basophil Activation Test according to IVDR

The poster reports that the Flow CAST® assay demonstrates robustness in handling variations in sample volumes and incubation times. Precision and reproducibility are enhanced with higher percentages of basophil activation. Internal validation studies, conducted in accordance with CLSI guidelines EP05-A3 and ISO standard 15197:2013, have revealed within-laboratory precision and reproducibility levels below 20%. These findings underscore the reliability and accuracy of the Flow CAST® assay in clinical laboratory settings.

Experimental and Theoretical approaches to understand the Technical Cut-Off in Basophil Activation Test

Our rigorous research has refined the performance of the Flow CAST® assay. It suggests an appropriate technical cut-off at 5% and indicates lower rates of IgE non-responder than previously reported in the literature. Additionally, it provides guidance on the appropriate number of basophil acquisitions for robust data. In summary, these insights reinforce the accuracy and reliability of the Flow CAST® assay

Automated Gating Strategies for Basophil Activation Test: A comparison to Manual Data Analysis

The automated gating of basophils has proven to be feasible, reproducible, and robust. This marks the initial phase in the development of automated software for Flow CAST® analysis, laying the foundation for future advancements in streamlining and enhancing diagnostic processes.


We are pleased to present a poster this year at EAACI 2024!

Towards a standardized user-friendly protocol for the indirect Basophil Activation Test using basophil donor pools

The poster will be presented during the Thematic Poster Session (TPS) with the session titled as Allergy diagnosis 10 on Friday 31st May from 12:00 -13:00.


Gabriela Stieger

Gabriela Stieger

Product Manager at BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG

Michele Romano

Michele Romano

Senior Product Manager at BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG

Flow CAST®

Allergies have a profound impact on millions of people worldwide, affecting both their quality of life and the healthcare systems. From food to pollen, allergens provoke immune responses, resulting in symptoms that span from mild discomfort to life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxis. The global surge in allergies underscores the pressing need for increased awareness, research, and accessible treatments to tackle this widespread health issue. Precise diagnosis of allergies marks the crucial starting point.

The Flow CAST®  is a IVDR certified assay, designed to assess basophil activation in patient whole blood samples using flow cytometry. Our unique marker combination – CCR3 and CD63 – enables straightforward basophil detection through CCR3 gating, coupled with the reliable activation marker CD63. With its user-friendly protocol and intelligent marker combination, initial results can be obtained within just one hour – making Flow CAST®   ideal for routine laboratory use.

Furthermore, our portfolio includes a diverse range of allergens, spanning from foods and medications to inhalants and venoms.

CAST® Allergens

Unravelling the Complexity of Medication Allergy Diagnosis 

The Preferred Lab Test for Immediate Type Medication Hypersensitivity Reactions: Flow CAST® stands out as the lab test of choice for immediate type medication hypersensitivity reactions. Despite a median sensitivity of 55%, Flow CAST® boasts a specificity of over 91%. This high specificity means that a positive result is generally accepted as an indication of hypersensitivity to the medication. No other lab test demonstrates similar performance, and Flow CAST® is available for many medications, making it a unique and invaluable tool for clinicians.

Comprehensive Assessment of Medication Allergies: Flow CAST® offers a comprehensive assessment of medication allergies by evaluating the immune response to multiple medications simultaneously. This capability provides healthcare professionals with a tool to identify not only the primary culprit medication but also potential cross-reactivities or sensitivities to related medications. This facilitates the development of personalized treatment strategies tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Extensive Medication Standardization (CAST® allergens): With over 66 medications standardized and compliant with the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) for basophil activation testing, Flow CAST® ensures reliability and accuracy. Our pipeline is continuously developing to expand the range of medications covered, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to the most up-to-date testing options.

Broadest Range of Medications Available: Flow CAST® offers the broadest range of medications available for testing, including antibiotics, analgesics, myorelaxants, local anesthetics, contrast media, excipients, and more. This comprehensive coverage ensures that healthcare professionals can accurately assess hypersensitivity reactions to a wide variety of medications.

    Accurate Food Allergy Diagnosis

    Included in EAACI Guidelines: Basophil Activation Test is now included in the European food allergy guidelines for the first time in history, underlining its importance in clinical practice.Flow CAST® offers a standardized basophil activation test, alongside with standardized food allergens (CAST® Allergens).

    Superior Accuracy and Precision: Flow CAST® offers unparalleled accuracy in predicting food allergies, surpassing other testing methods.​ Discrimination of sensitization and allergy: The Basophil Activation Test distinguishes between sensitization and true allergy, providing precise insights into immune responses and reliably supports the patient journey.

    Rapid Results: Flow CAST® is a testing method that provides rapid results, allowing for timely diagnosis and treatment decisions, particularly beneficial in cases where food allergies need to be confirmed or ruled out promptly. Flow CAST® Basophil Activation Test complements traditional tests like skin prick tests (SPT) and specific IgE (sIgE), enhancing diagnostic accuracy and guiding treatment decisions effectively.​​

    Safe alternative to Oral Food Challenge (OFC): Flow CAST® provides reliable results comparable to OFC in diagnosing food allergies, thus Flow CAST® provides a rapid and safe alternative to OFC.

    Utility in Food Reintroduction: Flow CAST® can aid in determining the safety of food reintroduction, offering valuable information for patient management and dietary recommendations (Rubio et al., 2016).