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Check out publications, studies,  and other valuable clinical information related to the diagnosis and monitoring of IBD.

Clinical Studies

There is a rapidly increasing amount of published evidence which underlines the clinical validity of fecal calprotectin in IBD diagnosis and monitoring. BÜHLMANN Laboratories offers the largest product portfolio in the market for calprotectin testing, which is supported by more than 100 publications.

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Fecal calprotectin is used to pre-select patients with abdominal discomfort for further invasive diagnostic procedures.  It has been shown that fecal calprotectin is a suitable surrogate marker for the diagnosis of both, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. Learn more and delve into the studies supporting the clinical utility of the BÜHLMANN assays for the diagnosis of IBD vs IBS.

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Given the high prevalence of gastrointestinal disease, the value of calprotectin in IBD patient monitoring, and the downfalls of traditional treatment pathways, it is clear that frequent monitoring of calprotectin values in IBD patients is beneficial to their care.  See data from studies using BÜHLMANN assays to predict mucosal healing and to follow up IBD patients during therapy.